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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Well, Nolan has a lot answer for because everyone is trying to mimic him now (even Skyfall owes a helluva lot to The Dark Knight) when it comes to large scale blockbusters, and I won't lie Star Trek Into Darkness falls slightly victim to this as well. Although I would disagree the film is ultimately reactionary itself. But I guess if you can't be convinced to watch a film in theatres from a director you do like there's really no chance of it happening for one from folks you don't.
At least Abrams is enjoying considerably more success than M. Night Shayamalanaramalamadingdong. After Earth barely sparked only at number three at the box office. If it sparked that low, chances are it won't even be in the top five by the next week. At least STID has thus far enjoyed three weeks in the top five, even if it has slipped to number four.

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