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I have never seen a Michael Bay movie yet I know that these kind of movies are utter crap. I would even go so far and claim that the first "Dark Knight Rises"-ish poster for STID sufficed to tell that it will be as reactionary as ST09. Using the same visual style as this anti-democratic piece of crap (OK, I admit that I liked the third Nolan Batman flick for showing the truth of Batman: a rich fu*k beating up petty criminals at night instead of ruling his company during the day which has tanks in the basement ... but despite being a large Nolan fan reviews sufficed to convince me to not view the movie and when I finally watched it on the small screen my post-watch opinion did not differ from my pre-watch opinion) is not precisely subtle.

All I need to know about STID is stuff that I have predicated anyway, that is, like in the case of TDKR, publicly known and that folks on this board have told me. Watching it would change my mind as little as your watching of the parts of ENT you did not know before you made up your mind that it is crap and if the movie really differed in terms of acting, production values and general atmosphere from the previous one I would be all ears.

This all boils down to philosophic-ideologies differences, British empiricism vs. German idealism. I simply think it is possible to talk about something one doesn't know entirely to make ample of predictions and judgments about it and not just in this case but in general.

I do not enjoy having been right about my three predictions (Khan, another action flick, ample of fanwank) concerning STID. I'd rather be wrong like I was in the case of thinking that the remastering of TNG is neither feasible nor particularly beneficial as it would increase my enjoyment of Trek.
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