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I have said, not often but I think once or twice, that these movies are fairly similar (and I do not pat myself on the back for seeing the obvious in advance, that with the same moviemakers aboard and the new Trek movies more resembling 21st century superhero trilogies than the 80s make-it-up-as-we-go-along Trek movies variance among movies will be smaller, but rather wonder why some folks disavowed the obvious) so if one likes/dislikes the first movie it is very likely that one will also like/dislike the second movie. You basically say the same thing when you claim that a guy like me will most likely not like STID.
This in addition to the extremely negative statement by a friend of mine who normally doesn't dislike ordinary summer action flicks that "STID does not feature a story" (even I think that sounds too harsh, he probably meant that the movie rushed through a not very well crafted story) plus the basic info about the plot suffices to make me not want to watch the movie.

But yeah, I still have the audacity to talk about it. You have not seen each and every VOY or ENT episodes to know that you don't like the respective series and that whatever STRUCTURAL criticism you have applied to the episodes you know can also be validly applied to the ones you don't know (unless there is a structural break).

So no idea why you claim that my opinion is irrelevant. I do after all not comment on scenes I don't know or the acting or production values (although I guess they are as top-notch as in the previous movie) but only on the basics of the plot. And when there is something that interests me but I don't know, like whether the ingredients that have been present in the background (and given our identical opinion on early TNG I guess you would agree that background, atmosphere, texture and so on often matter more than the plot) of all other Trek incarnations, the three-player nature of the UFP-Klingon-Romulan cold war and the extreme "burned fingers" human anti-genetics stance, are present in STID or not I ask.

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