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I wouldn't pat yourself on the back too much for Khan, given we all knew from May 2009 that he was on everyone's lips and a potential.

No, for a while I didn't think they would use him but by the time of the release it was pretty much likely. I was simply content to wait until seeing the actual film to find out for sure. Obviously, what with certain spoilers emerging before the film came out that didn't quite make it all the way to first viewing before having it confirmed. What I also repeatedly said over the years was that reusing Khan wasn't a deal-breaker.

And it isn't.

Yes, I wanted a meatier story and I think the first half of the film goes in a positive direction in that manner, however it does lose it's way somewhat once Khan is revealed and once the back half of the film kicks in. So I'd agree with Sam when he says it doesn't quite do everything I wanted it to do. But that doesn't translate into finding it a bad movie. I can least say I've sat down and watched it however to reach that conclusion instead of concentrating on reviews that confirmed pre existing bias and seeking casual viewer opinions which match while (as normal) ignoring any positive reviews as they don't suit.

For what it's worth, I doubt you would like STID all that much and yeah I've had to revise my opinion on what I wanted vs what it delivered. I don't mind doing that particularly, once what's actually been done becomes evident from the material itself. But I don't think it's unreasonable if engaging in detailed conversation that all parties in the conversation are singing from the same perspective of at least one viewing. Doesn't matter much to me if someone's reaction is 'Loved it', 'Hated it' or inbetween, but for discussion purpose at least, it seems fair.
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