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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
This has been my outlook on it as well. Even though it ends in a place where I kind of assumed the characters already were by the end of the last film.
Agreed. There's probably a fair question why they did it over two films. But I think that it covers all the kind of 'Trek 101' material that way, whereas doing it all in one film would have been overstuffed.

I particularly liked the Prime Directive stuff because (I think) this is the first time since TOS that it's been presented in a simple matter-of-fact "Yes we have it, it's there, we never leave home without it, but at the same time this story isn't really about it" manner. And then the discussion of what Starfleet is... they found a way to make it topical so that general audiences would identify with it.
Yes, I felt that some of the conversation pieces early in the film were well enough done that it's a shame the back half of the film had to give way to the inevitable spectacle.

I think it succeeds in being the thematic Star Trek 101 movie I was expecting. But unlike most successful sequels (The Empire Strikes Back, X-Men 2, Spider-Man 2, Terminator 2, Godfather 2), it does not escalate the themes of the original to the next level. Nor is it slow enough or thoughtful enough to build upon its predecessor emotionally.
I think that's fair comment.

We already know Abrams most likely won't direct next time. It's pointless to speculate what that means, however the STID script at least acknowledges these people are supposed to be explorers. What chance the next film could be the one that gets back to exploring? The score's now 2 out of 12 by my count for 'exploration' themed ST movies (and STV isn't one of the two).
I would go so far as to suggest that if Abrams doesn't return as director (which I personally would have liked at the very least as I'm still not that big on the Star Wars project yet) then it's likely that while Abrams and Co will remain onboard as consultants and producers that probably in addition to a new director we'll see new writers as well.

A fresh rotation of key people seems suitable with Abrams likely vacating the big chair. I think they'll take the position that they've 'laid the groundwork' for their alternate timeline and that it's now time to let other people develop that on and into the stories that will take place during the alternate version of the Five Year Mission that the crew finally embark on at the end of the film.

But in all probability that will still involve having a definable 'villain' in some format. But since it's too early to say who'll take over it's pointless to speculate very much farther about how the third film will go.
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