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I think from what I recall DNA's summation mostly fits.

I think I'll maybe try and catch the film again before it leaves theatres.

But again, I don't think the blood aspect is necessarily a cure all for death itself. It's basic cryonics that buys Bones enough time to save Kirk. He gets radiation poisoning and 'dies'. A short time later he gets cryonically frozen after his 'death' and then appears to get a synthesised blood transfusion based on Khan's platelets. That's really just a fancy transfusion to get the irradiated blood out of him. Plus he was unconscous for two weeks. Not like he got a magic touch on the shoulder. Also the Tribble had necrotic tissue - that 's like gangrene on a human. Gangrene can be removed from a living body. So, I may need to catch the film again to see how 'dead' the Tribble was.

Beverly Crusher awoke three dead people who had been frozen cryogenically for three hundred years, revived them and cured them but she still couldn't save everyone else she dealt with.
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