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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
The only reason Khan was doing anything for Admiral Marcus was because Admiral Marcus was using Khan's crew as a bargaining chip, correct? Are you trying to tell me Admiral Marcus didn't go to great lengths to keep those cryo tubes secure from Khan? Khan worked for approximately a year for Admiral Marcus. I have to assume it was because it took Khan that long to come up with a way to get his crew, otherwise why would he continue to work? If Khan had access to a transporter why beam his crew in to torpedoes and not anywhere else where he could revive them and go from there? It seems pretty obvious to me that moving 72 cryo tubes from one location to another would be detected fairly quickly.
It took him a year to plan. But the fact that he actually managed to get his people into the cryo tubes indicates that either he smuggled them there very slowly, one at a time, and absolutely no one checked the secure location they were being held in - OR he managed to enact his plan in one swift motion.

Given how clever he's meant to be, the security must have been pretty good, because he got caught trying to smuggle his people away.

Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
If by "outsmarted" you mean escaped, ok. I think at that point Admiral Marcus figured out 72 cryo tubes weren't where they were supposed to be, so Khan's original plan had failed and he "had every reason to think" that his crew was dead. That is why he had already put his new plan in motion by sending Mickey (Rose's boyfriend) who works for Starfleet/Section 31 into the "archive" to blow it up.

Harrison is awoken by Marcus;

Marcus holds his people as hostages to force Harrison to work for him;

Harrison educates himself about 23rd century technology, and begrudgingly designs weapons and stuff for Marcus;

Secretly, Harrison plots to sneak his people away;

This plot includes designing a torpedo with a casing that would be perfect for smuggling the cryo tubes away undetected;

Harrison risks discovery by enacting the first part of the plan;

Harrison is discovered, and is led to believe that Marcus has killed his people, but manages to escape and evade Section 31's clutches;

Marcus remains silent about the escape of this dangerous man, as this operation is top secret and involves illegal weapons and possible warmongering;

Harrison wreaks revenge by exploiting his knowledge of the workforce of Section 31 to force Mickey Smith's great-great-great-grandson to blow up the weapons development facility that he worked at;

Marcus goes public with the knowledge of "John Harrison", but lies about what really happened;

Harrison attempts to kill Marcus and cripple Starfleet, killing Captain Pike;

James T Kirk offers to take revenge on Harrison, Marcus uses this blind rage to his advantage and gives Kirk the torpedoes in the hope that Kirk will be rash and simply fire them, and that the explosion from the propulsion fuel of 72 torpedoes would be enough to kill Harrison and destroy any traceable evidence of Khan's people;

(He also ensures that the Enterprise is crippled in Klingon space, so that they would definitely be caught, and war would start);

James T Kirk listens to his friends;

Sulu informs Harrison that they have 72 torpedoes aimed at him;

Harrison surrenders, realising that Marcus had deceived him.

Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
Ok, I could have sworn Khan says at some point to Kirk "I assumed." Regardless I would have liked to have known why he "had every reason to think" as obviously the torpedoes with his crew in them still existed.
I'd like to know that as well, but that would have slowed the story down.

They could put that into a tie-in comic.

Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
This is a minor thing in comparison to the stuff above but Carol Marcus does say to Kirk in the shuttle scene that the warheads are active which is why she comes up with the plan to take one to the planetoid and figure things out there. If they weren't active how did they go off onboard the Vengeance?
They think there is an active warhead in there at first because the device says it's active. The shielding prevented them from knowing what was inside.

When they were beamed to the Vengeance, the cryo tubes had been removed and replaced with warheads from the Enterprise's own arsenal.
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