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If they wanted to get rid of me, they should have just banned me instead of crashing the forum.

Actually, I suppose it was just negligence. There was something on Yahoo about a new movie, and that was my cue to check to see if the forum was back.

By the way, I heard from TrekBBS about my request to delete the image of a gun pointed at me in a hostile post. Even after more than a year, they still won't delete it, and they've stopped pruning old threads. I didn't even ask them to delete the post, just the image. I guess there's nothing I can do about it. My account is still there. I just haven't posted since that incident and plan to keep away permanently.

I should have paid more attention when some of you guys went on about how bad TrekBBS is. Since I was a member, I just didn't want to entertain such a notion or at least thought it wouldn't affect me.
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