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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I don't think Marcus knew that Khan's men were in those torpedoes. I think that was part of Khan's plan. He tells Kirk to open the torpedoes, and later says he is the one who placed those people in there. I think he anticipated the tactics the admiral would use, both against himself and to start the war with the Klingons. The only part I don't get was how he planned to safely get them out of there.
No... When Kirk confronts Marcus about it, Marcus mentions that he'd hoped Kirk would just have followed orders and never find out what was in the torpedoes.

Harrison at this point knew that Marcus had discovered his people and thought Marcus had killed them all.

He only finds out that this is not the case when Sulu states very explicitly in his threat how many torpedoes there were. Up until that point he had no idea what Marcus had done to his people.

Harrison did put the cryo tubes in the torpedoes, because he knew the shielding would prevent them from being discovered too easily. Presumably he hoped to stage some testing of the torpedoes and steal the vessel that carried them and escape to safety.

That plan changed when Marcus discovered the bodies inside the torpedoes.
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