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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
Ok. Regarding the long range torpedoes why wouldn't they turn over the specs to Scotty? Section 31/Starfleet weren't aware Khan's crew was hidden inside them, correct?

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I believe so. Now, I can't recall what Marcus said about the torpedo's when he briefed Kirk and Spock about them in his office but if they were essentially secret equipment he may not have wanted non approved officers knowing too much about their operation. He wanted the ship to use them on a covert assassination strike in enemy territory, he didn't need the people on the ship to know their innards.

That's without being able to remember what exactly was said about them. But they were pretty much meant to be top secret tech and Scotty I think basically was not in a 'need to know' position. Despite being Chief Engineer. The secrecy around them is after all, supposedly why Carol Marcus forged her way aboard to find out what was special about them.

Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
I can't remember 100% either. I assume Khan thought Starfleet may use the "long range" torpedoes he was designing when he went to Qo'noS, no? How else was he planning to get his crew back? What I don't understand is why Khan would risk the lives of his crew then by leaving active warheads in those torpedoes. Or did he remove the warheads and then Admiral Marcus discovered what was going on and put the warheads back in them to kill 73 birds with one stone? If Admiral Marcus didn't know how those torpedoes worked it was pretty negligent of him to ship them to the Enterprise. Did Admiral Marcus not consider Khan may betray him? Also the warp core crapped out just outside the Klingon neutral zone, did we ever find out why? Was that just an unfortunate accident or was that sabotage?
No, Admiral Marcus knew that Harrison had hidden the 72 people in the torpedoes. He ordered Kirk to fire them at Harrison knowing that there were no warheads in them, relying on the explosions from the excess fuel in them to be enough to kill Harrison and draw the attention of the Klingons.

He didn't give Scotty the specs because a) the original torpedo is top secret, classified and probably illegal [probably similar to a tricobalt warhead] and b) presumably a cryo tube with a person in it weighs less than the warhead would, and Scotty, upon scanning it, would find a discrepancy between the apparent mass and the specified mass.

And Harrison explains clearly that his attacks were motivated by revenge against Marcus - once Marcus had discovered what Harrison was doing:

"I had every reason to believe Marcus had killed every single one of my people."
People are talking about Harrison's weak motivation in the film. I personally thought that was a pretty powerful motivator.

He had no idea whether or not his people were still alive or not. He had no idea Marcus would have Kirk fire them at him. It was sheer dumb luck that Marcus formulated this plan and that Kirk disobeyed his orders (from Harrison's point of view).

His plan was simply to have Marcus or some other Starfleet person follow him into Klingon territory (knowing that he'd destroyed all records of transwarp beaming and leaving only one, broken device) and then a war would begin between the Federation and the Klingons. And Harrison would presumably provide assistance to the Klingons for further revenge against Marcus, and manoeuvre himself into a position of power once the war was finished.

That plan changed when Kirk revealed that not only were the torpedoes with his people inside intact, they were not in Marcus' possession. From there he had a new plan, improvisng as he went along.
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