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I have to say, I think the best looking iteration of the Klingons is from Star Trek The Motion Picture (which also, incidentally, also has the best looking photon torpedo effect )....although it was nice how in later movies and shows, they showed more diversity in their skull ridges.

While I like that they made these Klingons look truly more alien, they do remind me, just a wee bit, of Jeriba Shigan, the Drac from Enemy Mine, at least in the face. What I didn't dig were those patrol ships, which, I'm going to guess, are Birds of Prey....they were given a D-4 designation in the movie, but they behaved like BoP's.

Something I would have liked to see in STID was a further show of the Klingon battlecrui---er---ahem---Warbirds as shown in ST 2009. For the brief glimpses we got of them, I thought they looked pretty cool.

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