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Well. I saw the film today and I liked it. I feel like I need to see it again though because the story moves along at about 200 MPH, you literally never have a second to stop and digest what you're seeing.

I'm not sure about the casting of Khan. I think Cumbetbatch did a great job playing a genetically enhanced "Superman" character, he did a great job. But he never felt like Khan to me. It was more like one of the other genetically evolved humans. I just had hard time telling myself that this was Khan. For one thing, the original Khan had a certain sort of charm and finesse, this Khan seemed to be all menace all the time.

I am not so sure of Khan's plan here, apparently he figured out that Marcus would want Enterprise to use these new torpedoes on the Klingon homeworld and that was how he was going to smuggle his crew out. But how did he expect to get all 72 back safely?

I enjoyed the opening of the movie, I liked those aliens and that alien world. I'm not quite sure why they needed to put the ship underwater instead of in orbit but I'm willing to overlook that.

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