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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
One way around it is a complete reversal of the Prime Directive.

According to the big PD, the advanced society of the Federation is not supposed to interfere in the natural evolution/development of lesser tech species/societies.

By definition, Khan and co. come from an era is that technologically (and socio-politically) less developed than that of the 23rd century. Who's to say that someone in the Federation will look at taking Khan's blood to revive Kirk was not a violation of the Prime Directive in reverse? That an element of a lesser developed society has interfered in the natural flow of life for a member of an advanced society. If that be the case said person tries to make, and said case wins over the courts, then Khan's blood or other regenerative capabilities could be considered off-limits for the Federation era.

There. Death is back in play.
Kirk violated the prime directive to save the people of Nibiru. Though I think Kirk and crew thought the only violation was the fact that the Enterprise was seen by the Nibiru people and not the fact that they saved them in the first place. If that was the case why not "hide" the ship in orbit instead of the ocean? Anyway, I can't see Kirk and crew allowing millions of people to suffer that could be cured with out a fight. I find that justification hard to swallow. My guess is we won't be hearing about Khan's blood again because it was just a not well thought out plot device to resurrect Krik.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
As for the transwarp beaming....well...again, someone in Federation legal and ethics may look at that device, and state some kind of legalese/ethical dilemma on the uses of such a device, again gaining the ear of the courts...especially considering that the recently uncovered Section 31 (in the form of Khan) made such a devious use of the device after causing tremendous tragedy. Transwarp beaming could also be made illegal, and Scott's transwarp beaming theory be confiscated from Section 31, destroyed, never to be recovered.

There. Now we have use for starships again.

Fair enough, but all you really need is the equation and I can't see Starfleet erasing that outright. Scotty or his sidekick never wrote it down? If these writers need another easy fix plot device they will go back to it just like they did in this film.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
It's possible they didn't think through transwarp beaming but at this point it doesn't seem likely that everyone in Starfleet knows about it. They've thought it through enough to have had it secreted off to Section 31 (where it's no surprise it's been adapted and polished) rather than appear to be everyday conversation.

Right now, it's a military secret. It may or may not remain that way. Like Genesis.
Like I said I can almost guarantee that they didn't think transwarp beaming threw. It was a plot device to get Kirk back on to the Enterprise after meeting Spock in one of the most convoluted ways possible. They used it again in this film which is why they had to come up with an explanation why everyone isn't using it.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Similarly, maybe some things in the film are being intentionally seeded for future stories (Khan not being killed off)..........we don't know yet. I think curing 'death' is frankly a bit of a melodramatic exaggeration at this point. It's debatable just how dead Kirk was (it's not like he was buried twenty years when they tried it. Medically, people can technically die and be revived even today so it's not exactly likely to be different in the 23rd Century.
Fair enough, but then it wipes out suffering from disease and cures near death experiences. I guess that sort of falls in line with Roddenberry's vision though.

Originally Posted by kevin View Post
But when it comes to the alternate universe then while specific future events have been eliminated it doesn't mean that every single thing is different. It depends maybe how you view the alternate. I don't view it as a place where it's all 100% different, but where similar things and people may still occur. They're not foraging out into completely original material yet and that's a legitimate question.
I get that and I'm ok with that. However that's why I would have liked a bit more of an explanation of Khan's back story. As it is now you have to assume things played out pretty much like in "Space Seed" but you don't actually know. I'm sure that back story would have also helped those that know nothing about ST as well. Didn't they Section 31 was created by Admiral Marcus? If that's the case then the events with Section 31 in Enterprise obviously didn't happen.
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