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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
I have to admit it has been a long time since I have seen "Space Seed" so that clears up several things. I'm confused though, are these films made or not made for Star Trek fans? I don't mind that these guys revisited Khan but they did claim the whole point of ST2009 was to eliminate ST cannon to allow them to come up with new stories. Now here they're relaying on people's prior knowledge of old stories from the series and films. If anything hopefully this will make people want to see "Space Seed" and that will lead them to better Trek. I feel like these writers only realized their stupidity after it was pointed out to them online and that is why they were trying to fix the mistakes they made in ST2009 like Kirk becoming captain way to quickly, transwarp beaming, etc. in this film. I can almost guarantee that these writers didn't actual think threw how the discovery of transwarp beaming would effect the universe they created. I mean a broken down shuttle transporter was able to achieve transwarp beaming, could you image what a full blown working starship transporter could do? Oh right, transporters only work when the writers want them to and otherwise don't when the writers want to do something that doesn't make sense when you have transporters. Seriously the transporters in STID are the most unreliable piece of starship equipment in this universe. Anyway they've made another pretty big mistake if you ask me in this one by basically curing death. Like I said here, I half expect to see Khan in the next film in some sort of status chamber with his blood being harvested. Again I don't think these writers think concepts threw all that much. They seem to care more about what is visually on the screen vs. things making sense which is why there are so many holes in these two films.
It's possible they didn't think through transwarp beaming but at this point it doesn't seem likely that everyone in Starfleet knows about it. They've thought it through enough to have had it secreted off to Section 31 (where it's no surprise it's been adapted and polished) rather than appear to be everyday conversation.

Right now, it's a military secret. It may or may not remain that way. Like Genesis.

Similarly, maybe some things in the film are being intentionally seeded for future stories (Khan not being killed off)..........we don't know yet. I think curing 'death' is frankly a bit of a melodramatic exaggeration at this point. It's debatable just how dead Kirk was (it's not like he was buried twenty years when they tried it. Medically, people can technically die and be revived even today so it's not exactly likely to be different in the 23rd Century.

But when it comes to the alternate universe then while specific future events have been eliminated it doesn't mean that every single thing is different. It depends maybe how you view the alternate. I don't view it as a place where it's all 100% different, but where similar things and people may still occur. They're not foraging out into completely original material yet and that's a legitimate question.
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