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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Howdy, friend Kevin.

Yeah, I actually did my best to avoid spoilers (although I did end up getting the identity of the main bad guy spoiled when I looked at imdb just shortly before seeing the movie), so that might've been why I was, at first, a little taken aback by some of the territory the movie (re)visited, but going in with those notions a second time really helped me to enjoy it even more.
I went to see it again today myself and I would agree with that, it definitely played smoother on a second viewing than it did first time.

Which I'm positive is the experience I had back in 2009 with the last film. I do think it still has a couple of logic questions that still popped into my head more immediately than the 2009 film did but it's not like that's unheard of in 'Star Trek'!

This time around I actually found myself wondering if I did think that it was better than the 2009 film and I think I may actually come around to thinking of it that way. Certainly the first 75/80 mins I think are quite strong and build on the first film. I don't think it loses it's way totally after that point (I'm thinking of when the USS Vengeance turns up) but I think that's when it starts to then become more about the spectacle (which is certainly well done as well) than maybe fully resolving the ideas and themes it starts off with other than the development of the Kirk/Spock relationship. And I realised I haven't got a problem with the TWOK-ish elements here because they use the notion of it to a different purpose within that friendship.

I'll probably leave it at two viewings prior to the Blu ray now, as there's other films coming out I want to catch. But I wouldn't rule out a third if I can squeeze one in. I won't match the four times of the 2009 film though I don't imagine.
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