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Although the USS Vengeance did all the firing, it was interesting to note that not a single member of the Enterprise deliberately killed anyone. (Even Scotty's "victim" was not intentional.) Hell, the Enterprise in ST:TMP displayed more firepower than the Enterprise in Into Darkness.

I didn't mind that there wasn't a massive space battle. I thought it was a nice twisting of expectations. The Enterprise got the living dog droppings kicked out of it, and it still prevailed in actions worthy of James T. Kirk.

The revisiting of old material, where once I felt it quite unnecessary, is actually quite entertaining the second time around.

This movie held up to the ideals of Star Trek quite well. Kirk did the right thing, instead of going with his initial response of just wanting to get payback. He listened to his crew and Spock, Uhura, Scotty (who had an amusing turn of events).

StarFleet was exemplified through Kirk and Co.'s actions.

Sulu got to shine in the Captain's Chair. Chekov got transferred in departments, but at least he still held the ship together.

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