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OMG the forum is back!

My little review...

Morals are back. Parallels to current controversial events are back. This film has an ethical message, and is therefore very much classic Trek!
But… Klingons appear for a mere minute or so. Space battles are over after just a few seconds. The FSNP is done with only 3 instead of 5 fingers.
Seriously, it’s a good movie with a classic Trek theme. I still kinda like TVH and FC better. Into Darkness is certainly better than the last one, though.
Yes, the hommage scene was weird, and the cameo a joke (how does this information help?!). A british guy ruling over India also feels wrong, historically speaking. And why have a cybernetic crewman if he only gets a second of screen time and two lines? Why let the Vengeance sound like a propeller plane? Why does 31 now have crazy blue-gray suits? Despite these disappointments, it is a very pleasing experience to see Section 31 on the big screen, or to spot that little XCV 330 model and even a little Gemini capsule and an A4 rocket. The ‘Kelvin Memorial Archive’ was a nice subtle reference to the last film. The torpedoes (thank you for changing pink to red) could have been inspired by the TNG tech manual.
And for the magic-haters: It was not magic. He wasn’t dead, only fatally injured. The enhanced thrombocytes healed his body, while his brain function was preserved in cryostatis. So there was no supernatural revival and we won’t have Jesus Tsombie Kirk in the next one ;D
Watch it if you’re a fan of classic Trek morality tales, if you like references to previous Trek, or if you enjoy little things like a cable car in 2259 San Francisco. Avoid it if you’re only interested in epic space battles. I guess it’s a film more suited for politically interested adults than people who expect mindless phaser fights. Which is a good thing!

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