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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
The Braver, Better Movie That Star Trek Into Darkness Could Have Been A great review of where STID works and where it fails. It's like this women mind melded with me and put pretty much exactly how I feel about this film in to words.
Thanks for the link. Isn't one lesson of this and the previous movie that less is more? If there was less mish-mash, rehashed plot stuffed into STID it could have focused more on what you claim (and what doesn't surprise me as it was already like this in ST09) is its strength, the characters.
The classic characters are the key of every great TOS episode (e.g. City on the Edge of Forever or Amok Time), the classic characters main reason to do TOS again in the first place, the classic characters are what made even horrible TOS movies like TFF endurable.
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