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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
But I'm not convinced keeping Kirk dead would have been better purely because it would have been the natural assumption of fans that a film 3 would then be just 'The Search For Kirk' in some fashion (although I agrer completely that Kirk's death is a well done and with a point to it inverse of TWOK and Spock. In fact, as ever the relationships of the characters and their paths remain more interesting than the other plot matetial).
I loved the scene but what pulled me out of it was that I knew they were going to use Khan's blood to bring him back. On a side note why couldn't they have just used the blood of one of the 72 augments they had onboard? You could see Kirk's resurrection coming from a mile away. I agree that leaving him dead in this film would have lead to fans assuming the next film will be "The Search for Kirk" but that's why killing Kirk and leaving him dead would have been a very bold move and would have made that scene that much more powerful. Though we would have to wait for the next one with out Kirk to find out he wasn't coming back. I honestly thought in ST2009 that the destruction of Vulcan was going to be reset some how and I was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. Unfortunately the after effects of that event from the perspective of the Vulcan people can't really be explored in these films and that exploration would be more suited to a TV series.
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