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That was a question I asked myself as well (about using another of his crew - but at the end of the day that's just 'reality' giving way to dramatic sensibilities to allow Spock and Khan to face each other, it's not the first instance of it but in the absence of evidence Khan specifically was needed a fair point).

But the Kirk thing was fairly comprehensively foreshadowed so no, not a big surprise there. But not a leftfield turn either within the movie's events. I sort of prefer that he 'probably' wasn't 'dead' for too long before revival unlike in TSFS where it's unclear just how long has passed before they decide to go back to Genesis for Spock - even though the end scenes clearly indicate in TWOK what they were driving at.

I tend to agree in one sense though that long run fallout such as Vulcan would probably always suit a TV show better, however in the grand scheme of things even in real life when large magnitude events happen, life essentially continues it's own mundanity around it and not every event they'll experience afterwards will or must be linked to that event. It's not ignored in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' entirely. And as the Season 3 Xindi arc on 'Enterprise' shows, it's not a slam dunk treating it that way either.

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