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Some dumbing down while making Trek movies is inevitable. When Picard fought the Borg in FC they were not the collectivistic, insectoid, ideological enemies of the Federation anymore but rather a Cronenbergian kind of body horror. But at least Picard got to quote, albeit incorrectly, some Melville and we got the moral of his story.

But why use Khan or the Prime Directive or whatever in the first place if you don't wanna really use these great ingredients to cook something great out of it? Just because saying that truffles are in your meal is good for marketing? In NEM it was the opportunity of a grand TNGesque Romulan story, in ST09 it was the chance to show Vulcan-Romulan relations and in STID it was the chance to tell something new about the Prime Directive and Augments.
Why not simply be honest and shoot a straightforward action movie? A movie like TSFS never pretended to be more than it is, an epilogue to TWOK and a simple adventure story, and worked precisely because of this sincerity.
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