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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Thanks for the info, EC. So Marcus is a hawkish Admiral who wants a war with the Klingons and wakens Khan and the other Augments to use them as a super-warriors.

Is there anything about this basically being a three player game (Romulans!) in it? Let's not forget that even the hawkish military folks from TUC just wanted to prelong the Cold War and not perish in a suicidal all out war (given roughly equal military strength, two players heavily fighting amongst each other is irrational when there is a third player involved as only he will benefit from it which is why hot wars among these three major Alpha/Beta Quadrant players are rare).
And what about humankind not willing to touch something even remotely resembling genetics (Bashir) let alone Augments or Khan himself throughout all of pre-Abrams Trek? Is Marcus not aware of who Khan was (why the f**k does Spock have to come in and lecture his younger self about something which should be in the history books of this universe?) and is all this human resentment towards genetics because of having overdone it in the fictional history of Trek which served as background for all previous stories that dealt with Augments simply absent? Or is it present and is Marcus actually portrayed as another Green, Kodos or Paxton, a bad guy who violates this genetics taboo?

Please correct me if I am wrong about these question concerning Marcus but my vague guess is that the answer is no. This crappy approach to Fed-Klingon-Romulan politics in addition to the Vengeance, a big, deadly ship in the hands of the villain(s), creates some pretty strong NEM vibes for me (but again please correct me if I am wrong about this as I might be more strongly driven by my old prediction that this will be another TWOK/NEM copy than actual facts).

I don't wanna judge a movie which I have not seen ... but as you indicated in the second part of your post not thinking your script through is definitely a big weakness of O&K and I am not willing to watch a Trek piece which touches grand issues like the Prime Directive and Augments in a braindead mode.
You are asking far too complex questions for these movies to answer. They are pretty dumbed down straight forward explanations with several holes in them. Don't get me wrong, I much rather see more old Trek than this but I feel STID is better than ST2009.
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