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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Haven't seen it and don't intend to but I do have a question nonetheless. How does the part with Section 31, Admiral Marcus, Khan and the Klingons play? I am asking as we already had a story with Klingons, Augments and Section 31 in ENT (Affliction & Divergence) so a straightforward comparison should be possible.
I saw it yesterday and if I remember correctly Admiral Marcus is the head of Starfleet who creates Section 31 to R&D new weapons as a direct result of the events of ST2009. Khan hides on Qo'noS after he attacks Starfleet headquarters. The Klingons engage Kirk and company when they go to apprehend Khan on Qo'noS.

On first viewing I thought overall this film was better than ST2009. There were fewer little things that bothered me making the film more enjoyable but the opening sequence was brutal. Clearly they didn't put much thought in to it:

It pisses some fans off because it's just something you thought would be cool to see. Instead of actually talking it out and coming to the logical conclusion that it doesn't make any sense, you forced it in there anyway because you wanted to see it.
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