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Overall I liked it pretty much.

I do think that it could have eased up on the pace of the action sequences because the first half hour and midsection of the film are actually quite good, building on the 2009 film and then taking the main characters to the next stage. But I thought it was often too much in a hurry to have the next sequence start. But some of the themes and conversations were going in an fair enough direction. I suspect a bit of deleted material exists here.

I think it's going good guns and where it's clearly diverging is once the main reveal (which in fairmess isn't really one) comes. For me, it certainly heavily riffs on TWOK, and the ending sequence itself doesn't have the devastation of TWOK. However, I felt that in dramatically mirroring TWOK they pulled their own meaning out of it and for me they just get away with it because I feel I can take a point from it about Kirk/Spock's relationship.

The action and visual effects were great, seeing lots of new worlds, aliens and life on Earth. And the cataclysmic finale certainly was a 'woah' sequence.

I tend to feel that Abrams and Co by the terms of the ending, actually tried to give 'new' viewers a sort of two movie 'Foundation Course' in the iconic parts of Trek (Who are the crew? What is the ship? Who are Klingons, Romulans, the Prime Directive etc) to sort of contextualise 'their' iteration of Star Trek before sending the crew out on the Five Year Mission.

But I wouldn't disagree elements of it are more immediately problematic, more out of a feeling of if the brakes had been applied a little bit more in places they could have delivered something that was better than the first film, rather than about the same.

Cumberbatch was great though. I have a more thorough set of thoughts on the other forum but I can't strictly be bothered copying and pasting it all over.
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