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Things I liked/didn't like:
The action was good, to be fair. And even though Inception beat them to it, been thrown around the Ent was the most realistic we've seen it done, not just putting the camera off angle and jerking it.

Pikes death really pulled at the heart strings for me, kudos to Bruce Greenwood, but why did Spock get all creepy with that mind meld.?Real Spock would have more respect than to violate him like that, especially since he was so serene and at terms with his mortality in the opening scene. It wasn't even to help Pike emotionally, it was just be voyeuristic in the extreme. It made me feel uneasy.

I liked CB, I know people have issues with the change of race, but that wasn't it for me, I was just waiting for more, something I can't put my finger on. Khan just didn't seem to come through for me, and what an anti-climax!

Spock and Uhura's constant whinening and bickering. Leave it in the bedroom. Don't bring it to the bridge, and certainly not on an extremely dangerous away mission in the heartland of enemy territory.

I really liked what they did with Scotty, he's far more serious in this, even if some is played for laughs. When he resigned, that really got me.
Can't say the same for Bones though. He's just a narky old man now, with none of the charm and soul the original had. And a penchant for running blood tests through dead tribbles? 23rd century medicine is a bit more advanced than that.

Interstellar transporters, why bother with starships any more?

Sulu got his moment in the limelight, and Chekov managed to survive his stint in a red shirt.

Carol Marcus got her kit off, as if that's supposed to be something good.

Too much swearing, that just felt awkward and stilted to me.

Those are the immediate things.

What did you guys think.
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