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The one thing that is hilarious is the original 80's episode promo's attached to each episode. Utterly dated now but certainly interesting to see how they marketed the show early on.

There's no question at all that the pace of TV shows has gotten much faster but watching them I also remembered that when TNG began the average broadcast episode ran about 46/47 minutes for it. By the time VOY and ENT aired that had been cut to around 42 minutes. So you also have a good ten percent less time to tell the story in.

Sitcome are the same (in the Eighties and Nineties around 26 mins was normal, now it's sometimes barely 20-22 minutes). Less time for content forces plots and developments to be speeded up within episodes let alone across season runs. Only cable shows in the US can run longer because they don't need the ad revenue the same way Network does. Part of the reduced runtime is to get more adverts and money in.

So, yeah I'd agree that the episodes feel slower but that sometimes it allowed them then more character moments and time to more effectively detail out the plot. It's the same with the Trek and all movies. During the editing process it is always the character moments and plot elements that get cut to bring films down from their original cut to the final cut that hits theatres.

Which is why so many Director's and Extended cuts come out now I think.
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