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My original plan was to avoid spoilers (although I'm not entirely sure I would have been in any way shocked about Khan by this point anyway) but things have a habit of not working out that way.

I don't expect knowing these things to diminish the whole experience anyway. And of course, I'll still go to see it. At the moment I know some specific plot points and spoilers. There's more to a movie experience than simply knowing the plot. There's how the film feels, how I feel watching it, cinematography, music, performances, visuals etc that all go into the overall experience above and beyond merely having the story outline figured. Admittedly as a cinema fan anyway these aspects may interest me on top of the basic story more than others.

Case in point, the above mentioned 'Avatar'. Not a revolutionary story but absolutely not something to be seen at least initially on a home TV. That baby was built for the big screen experience.
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