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Originally Posted by sonofspock1 View Post
I am utterly gob smacked to see that people who haven't seen the film already know every beat of the film. What's the point in you people going to see the film if you people already know Harrison is Khan, Admiral Marcus is just another in a long line of misguided Starfleet admirals and everything else that happens? Going to the cinema isn't exactly a cheap endeavour in this day and age, but why pay $15 (or whatever) into JJ and Paramount's coffers now?

I'd seen the trailers, but I made a conscious decision to avoid everything else around mid-February. I think I quit when it was announced that Alice was playing Carol Marcus. So I didn't know that Weller was her old man. I didn't know the name of the mysterious Federation starship that Harrison was on, or where it came from. I didn't know what was coming up in the last 30 minutes. And I certainly did not expect to hear the words "My name is Khan!" uttered. And guess what happened? I freaked the f##k out at around 1 am sitting in the cinema when I heard that.

And that is something you people won't experience, because you read it all on the Internet instead of waiting.
I've managed to avoid most of the speculation somehow and I'm pleased for it, knew too much about the other film tbh.

The theme isn't exactly new is it? And the use of TWOK dialogue was a bit cheap IMO, there were plenty of fan pleasing moments enough without resorting to that.
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