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Interesting, I didn't know that frak was already used in the original series. IMO it was a brilliant way to evade censorship and about kids, well, IMO BSG is too violent and desperate for kids anyway so I don't think it is a problem that there is verbal obscenity on the show. I also think that it is one of these many details that make it feel realistic.[/quote]

Yeah, Frak was used maybe once or twice in the original series...which often leads me to believe that perhaps it was a far stronger word than the fans took it for in the original series. I know for sure it was used once in the pilot episode/movie "Saga of a Star World", when Starbuck's laser pistol misfires in one of the climactic gun battles.

The violence level: Yeah, some of those hard core old schoolers were dismayed at the level of violence in BSG. They wanted the Star Wars level of violence like the original series had, so they wouldn't have to cover their kids' eyes. The violence level in BSG is much more akin to Black Hawk Down, and that ticked off those old schoolers.

But to me, it was a perfect fit. We are talking about a very dire circumstance for humanity and its near extinction....and war is not something that should be sugar coated.

In this case, it makes me wonder what Star Wars would've been like if they'd went for a much more realistic take on war? We are talking about an Empire that will stop at nothing to rule the galaxy.

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