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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
That was always a problem among the old school BSG fans as well.

"Reality?! Really?! Gritty, dark realism?! Battlestar Galactica is meant to be escapist! I watch Galactica to escape real-life, not relive it like the news!" Some would say.

In addition to reality, or realism, another of the mounting problems old school hardcores had was that the characters in the new Galactica series, and the settings seemed pretty much indistinguishable from contemporary humans and settings on Earth. "Suits and ties?! Humvees?! Really?! No one wearing robes, or otherworldly looking clothing?! These people might as well be from Earth. In no way do these people make me feel like they are our brothers from across the stars!"

"And why is so advanced a people (supposedly) not using energy weapons?! No laser weapons?! Why does everyone have to fire bullets!? They can have faster than light travel, but no lasers?!"

Ron Moore's intent was to make it a sort of allegory of 9/11. Old schoolers who hated the new show would retort that they had no problems relating with the characters of old, who had honor and hope, and flowing robes, instead of this nigh-dysfunctional society that wears suits and ties, and has bullet based weaponry, and in no way makes us think of otherworldly beings.

The arguments went on and on
My feeling there would be those sorts of criticisms often come from people who had decided to either strongly object to or outright hate the 'new' version of the show anyway and then were basically coming up with ever more pointless criticisms.

Not unlike those '100 reasons Abramstrek sucks' type lists that float around. When you set out to dislike a thing from the start..............people will eventually cling to anything in proclamation of it's percieved flaws.

Usually some have merit, some make you shrug your shoulders and go 'whatever'!

But I think getting bogged down in things like lasers is just missing any point the material has. The great enormous beauty of sci fi and all it's levels from hard sci fi to sci fi tinged with fantasy is that you can do it any way you want. You can go way the heck out there into the future with lasers and so what, or you can set it in very contemporary settings and it still is sci fi. Or a world that's just a little different than ours. From 'Star Wars' to 'Never Let Me Go' (a film that does not reveal itself as sci-fi for some time but ultimately is very much so when all is revealed).

A lot of that is whatever window dressing you want to use to dress up whatever story or theme you're telling.
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