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BSG simply modified the "high tech, low life" idea of cyberpunk (another short definition of this genre might be dystopian science-fiction with a corporatist background and a noir-ish foreground), it is low tech and low life. At least if we refer to the touchable technology, the drive system and the Cylons obviously imply technological improvements.
One main theme of BSG is the old sci-fi idea of androids being more human than ourselves (Bladerunner, Terminator) in terms of freedom or obsessions with a duty and so on and the resulting exploration of what it means to be human. This theme doesn't hinge on stupid details like whether there are guns with bullets or rays.

I only have a problem with the technological backwardness indirectly, insofar as it is a symptom of Moore's anti-Trek attitude. He hated technobabble which is dubious for a sci-fi writer but understandable, decided to get rid of technology to a large degree which is fine .... but then he ended up filling his show with theobabble and having a literal deux ex machina in the finale. I don't have a problem with religion in sci-fi but "God saved the day" is as lazy as "the tachyon beam saved the day" and if you talk the entire time about the paganism of humankind and Cylon monotheism you better fill it with some content.
So yeah, the deus ex machina and the vague religious talk (with the emphasis being on vague, not religious) are things I dislike.
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