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Originally Posted by starbase63 View Post
Indeed. To quote Abrams loosely, "This movie was not made for Star Trek fans."
I think this is what you referring to:
This movie was not made for Star Trek fans — it was made for movie fans, but if you’re a Star Trek fan, I think you’ll be really happy. There’s a lot of stuff in here for you. But we couldn’t just make the movie just for fans of Star Trek.

I think that is just standard PR talk which you might even hear, in a more moderate form though, if Paramount had not decided to blow up the budget and reach a larger audience than before as the goal of Trek movies has been and always will be to reach the general audience. The question is whether you dumb down your product in order to achieve this goal or not and IMO the last two movies have which is why I am a proponent of smaller budgets * la TUC or FC. Let's not forget that the movie which has been the most popular one for the longest time, TWOK, is the one with the smallest budget.
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