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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Compared to Star Wars is Star Trek…

a) a viable franchise

b) as big as / or equal to Star Wars

c) something of lame horse that just won't get up.

d) something entirely unique with a limited popularity and a small fan base

Share your thoughts…
a) The fans are still there. CBS cranks out as many trinkets as they can to make money off of it and they sell, so there is a consumer base for it.

b) It's always been an odd symbiosis. George Lucas was a fan of Star Trek. Star Wars' popularity convinced Paramount Pictures to kill the Star Trek Phase II tv series to make Star Trek a movie series to compete. But Star Trek was already big before Star Wars came along.

c) I'd say the success of ST2009 and the advance buzz for STID would say otherwise.

d) I think there's more parts of everyday life inspired by or directly taken from Star Trek than Star Wars.

e) Comparing them as entities is often futile because they are two separate genres. Star Trek is science fiction. Star Wars is space fantasy...a fairy tale with rocketships and lasers. Star Trek (with maybe the exception of ST2009) has always tried to keep some level of believability. Star Wars has always veered toward the fantastic.
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