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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Friend, Horatio,

I hope my one statement did not sound like it was angled toward you. No, not at all. I fully understand your position. I was simply referring to this one dude/ette who really took the ideology position a wee bit too far.
No problem, I understood that you talked about another guy who is simply wrong. First because DS9 ain't fascist by a long way and second because liking a fascist piece of art (e.g. 300) doesn't imply that you are a fascist.

Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
TThe new series was obviously not so constrained, and even found a few clever ways to get around censors. The reworking of the word "frak" to represent a current day "f-bomb", when in the original series, "frak" was just another innocent swear similar to "darn" or "heck". Some original series fans hated that perversion of the word. Most of the jaded fans are simply upset that a show they used to be able to watch with their parents is now a show that they themselves cannot watch with their own children, and feel that they don't want to watch in the first place.
Interesting, I didn't know that frak was already used in the original series. IMO it was a brilliant way to evade censorship and about kids, well, IMO BSG is too violent and desperate for kids anyway so I don't think it is a problem that there is verbal obscenity on the show. I also think that it is one of these many details that make it feel realistic.
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