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Originally Posted by Admiral Archer View Post

Here we see a much smaller engine room. I like it a lot, but where's the engine? And where are all the engineering crews? Surely it takes more than one man to operate a starship engine room.

Well, remember the crew had less than a skeleton crew aboard that that could have been a reason as to why he was the only one we see. But still, you're right, there should have been at least one or two seen on screen. Scotty wouldn't have been able to do everything himself.

*Also, speaking out of universe for a second, I can't help but notice how those consoles were just put there to enclose the space even though you can clearly see that it's in the middle of a walkway leading to another tube.v And where we are made to believe that Scotty is actually looking at the warp core, it's just down a hallway that they use later on in the film when Scotty bumps his head. Sorry for killing it!!!
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