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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Believe it or not, my friend, there are a few fans of classic Galactica out there who see "let's agree to disagree" as nothing more than a cop out to not succumbing to one of their new series rants. You either love classic Galactica, or you're a GINOid (GINO = Galactica In Name Only.....GINOid = someone who supposedly loves new Galactica at the expense of the original show.)

Another big problem some classic fans had: Critics kept heaping praise on the new series (and rightfully so), but at the expense of the original series, by calling the original "cheesy", "campy", "full of 70's trappings (feathered hair, disco balls, disco lights", "kiddified", etc. Supposedly, that was bad enough, but it was the more hard core fans of the new series who agreed with these critics who decided to take it down to the fan level, and apparently began bullying old series fans. A sort of "See....your team does suck!" mentality. But, that was a small caste, attacking another small caste, similar to how a small caste of one sports collectives' fans attacking another small caste of opposing sports collectives' fans. And there are a few of those old series fans who will never forgive or forget. They cling onto this notion of being bullied as their levee against anything remotely to do with the new series.

However, it was not entirely the new series' fans' fault. Some original series fans were equally at fault for attacking those who dared suggest that the new series had something worthy to offer.

My position was: "I don't care who started it, it's b.s. that this fan-warring ever became engaged in in the first place."

Both shows, as indeed any show, are products of their time.

The original series was produced in a time when Standards and Practices were a lot more strict. The original Galactica was intended to have a somewhat more mature context, but because of the time slot that the series aired, basically "family hour", a lot of concessions had to be made.

The new series was obviously not so constrained, and even found a few clever ways to get around censors. The reworking of the word "frak" to represent a current day "f-bomb", when in the original series, "frak" was just another innocent swear similar to "darn" or "heck". Some original series fans hated that perversion of the word. Most of the jaded fans are simply upset that a show they used to be able to watch with their parents is now a show that they themselves cannot watch with their own children, and feel that they don't want to watch in the first place.

That's why I show no devotion to any one particular show or movie...I am not a fanatic. I love both Galacticas, all Star Wars, and all Star Trek deeply, but not to the point of devotion where I cannot accept another's take on that show.

For me, the new Galactica was a truer representation of what I expected to see in a story about mankind's fall, and exodus to try and find sanctuary, succor, and support against those who sought their extinction.


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