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I can see where Moore's words could be viewed as insults. But I would probably view the people who were most offendes by it as being perhaps slightly blinkered towards the 70's show and simply not open to a different take. That happens. But when your central concept is the decimation of a population then I guess you have to decide just what your general tone is going to be and where you want to put characters. Then go with it.

I'm sure that there could be argued that depending on your POV then there could be pretension in elements of BSG. But there's pretension in Star Trek as well (usually when Picard gets fired up every now and again). It just kind of crops in there sometimes. Of course depending on one's inclinations it may not be viewed as pretension.

I don't mind a certain fluidity to tone certainly myself. The largest issue is agreeing on whether certain Trek elements are 'gone' or not. And we know that calculation differs for a lot of people not just on this forum. And it doesn't mean people who enjoyed Star Trek care less or don't's simply arriving at a different conclusion based on material. At the end of the day that sometimes cannot be reconciled between those who do disagree.
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