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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I remember this one jackass over at the forums that were at who tried to lay this heavy: "If you like shows like DS9, you are a freaking right wing fascist!"

Now there was a guy that needed a good pimp slap!
I don't have a problem with the authoritarian elements of BSG. As you pointed out it is basically necessary.
The only thing I didn't like was that the show wasn't truthful about this as there were these pretentious "oohh, look how we still maintain democracy in these dire times" stories of the show. Take a story like "Dirty Hands", it frankly admits that the Capricans are the upper class but then the subtext of the show always says "Adama is the rightful leader".
I prefer a movie like 300 over this as it is brutally honest about what it is, a fascist movie (BSG obviously isn't, it is merely authoritarian) and that's precisely why I like it. OK, it is of course more complex, I am a left-winger and thus of course an anti-fascist but I like the notions of sacrifice, discipline, resistance towards a decadent empire (hey, that would be ourselves, we are the equivalent of the Persians) and so on. The pus*y liberal in me doesn't like that stuff but the Jacobin in me does.

Anyway, back to the topic, all I wanted to point out is that BSG and Trek are very different in this respect which is fine. I prefer clear differences among sci-fi franchises to this stupid postmodern notion that everything should be totally flexible, open to change and so on. Trek should be this optimistic progressive sci-fi franchise and BSG should be this survivalist post-holocaust drama.
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