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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Martok is completely correct.
Thanks for the kind word, Kevin.

Originally Posted by Kevin
BSG indeed had authoritarian aspects but Roslin and Adama were not being authoritarian to get their jollies. They needed to be authoritarian because of the severity of the situation that the Colonies faced. Virtual elimination, scattered all over the place (in the pilot anyway) and with no idea what to do next.............someone has to take control and maintain government. Guide what's left of the population in some direction that stands a chance of allowing the society to continue to exist.

And yes, you may need the military for that for a while. That's why even Western Democracies have continuity of Government plans and can declare martial law IF something SO extreme happens that order needs to be imposed.
Indeed the fleet lived on just about the verge of martial law, and at one point, when command of the fleet fell to Col. Tigh because of the assassination attempt on Cdr. Adama, Tigh didn't have much choice during the rising civilian unrest but to declare martial law...a decision he later admitted was a mistake. Even the Colonial Warriors did not like the idea of having to impose martial law on the civilians (although a few of the Colonial Marines were itching for a good scrap, and I think there was one fatality out of it) good solider ever covets the idea of martial law...and indeed as (IIRC) one real life General, MacArthur, said at one point: "It is the soldier who first prays for peace."

Originally Posted by Kevin
This doesn't make the show one thing or another as we later see attempts to have a functioning elected leadership while the fleet moves on. We see people having to publicly do the opposite to their most fundamental personal beliefs for what's in the best interests of the fleet and the human race. It's not easy and BSG never pretended it would have been easy.

It touches on topics and themes that Star Trek never did and never would because Star Trek wouldn't go there. Even in DS9 it never went where BSG did.

The only Trek storyline that would have come close would have been if the Borg had over-run the Federation and it was reduced to remnants. But obviously it would NEVER do that. Rightly, because that isn't really what would work in that setting. One wonders how Starfleet would react when Earth is a dug up hole and no replicators work. I doubt it would be pretty. But because it would never go there storywise it can just instead settle for avoidance.
Lots of my friends at other forums that are classic Galactica oriented hated the new show because of the gender changes to certain popular characters (Starbuck, Boomer, and Cain), because of the constant dysfunction among some of the characters in the show, especially the more stand off-ish nature of Apollo and Adama, and that there was a seeming lack of hope and family in the show. They're big ***** was that the new show was not the "family friendly" show that the original series was....and often relied on titilation with its (not as constant as they would lead on about) sex scenes, (one fan even went so far as to call the new Galactica "porn".) For all intents and purposes, the new show was in many ways a complete 180 of the original show, but it still maintained the powerful premise of humanity on the run from its would be exterminators, and their exodus, and the search for the mythic planet Earth.

A lot of those folks did not like how Ron Moore spoke of the original series....but I certainly did not see any insult in anything Moore said about the original. Moore said: "Here we have Battlestar Galactica, which if nothing else, was one of the glossiest, campiest, most over the top productions of the 70's. But at its core is a very powerful premise, and that's what I wanted to focus on." He also said: (paraphrased) "If you're looking for bug-eyed aliens and space battles every week, your popcorn is in another aisle." How the fans mistook those words for insults, I'll never know. But then again, I don't label myself a fan of anything, when I really get down to analyzing "fanatic" (a term I associate with Jihadis and terrorists). I loved the original series, and did not take any umbrage whatsoever with anything Ron Moore said about the original. I had trepidations about how the new series would play out based on leaked reports before the pilot miniseries ever aired....but once the mini did air, all my doubts were erased, and I had Battlestar Galactica again. My hopes for the show going to series were answered, and the new series ran for four seasons.

Classic Galactica actually had two premises, depending on your point of view:

Premise One: Life here, began out there. That the 13th colony that was Earth was formed by people from the Cyrannus Colonies who built the great pyramids, or the lost cities of Atlantis and Lemuria. Those humans seeded Earth with the people whom the other twelve colonies would later come to hopefully rely on in their war against the Cylons.

Premise Two: Humanity on the verge of extinction, and in a mass exodus with its last few survivors to seek out the mythical planet of Earth.

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