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Martok is completely correct.

BSG indeed had authoritarian aspects but Roslin and Adama were not being authoritarian to get their jollies. They needed to be authoritarian because of the severity of the situation that the Colonies faced. Virtual elimination, scattered all over the place (in the pilot anyway) and with no idea what to do next.............someone has to take control and maintain government. Guide what's left of the population in some direction that stands a chance of allowing the society to continue to exist.

And yes, you may need the military for that for a while. That's why even Western Democracies have continuity of Government plans and can declare martial law IF something SO extreme happens that order needs to be imposed.

This doesn't make the show one thing or another as we later see attempts to have a functioning elected leadership while the fleet moves on. We see people having to publicly do the opposite to their most fundamental personal beliefs for what's in the best interests of the fleet and the human race. It's not easy and BSG never pretended it would have been easy.

It touches on topics and themes that Star Trek never did and never would because Star Trek wouldn't go there. Even in DS9 it never went where BSG did.

The only Trek storyline that would have come close would have been if the Borg had over-run the Federation and it was reduced to remnants. But obviously it would NEVER do that. Rightly, because that isn't really what would work in that setting. One wonders how Starfleet would react when Earth is a dug up hole and no replicators work. I doubt it would be pretty. But because it would never go there storywise it can just instead settle for avoidance.
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