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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
BSG is a fine show but as it is basically authoritarian (sure, they pretend to play some democratic games but in the end it becomes pretty obvious that the series views Adama and the cancer-sick president as the rightful leaders) it is hardly related in any way to Trek except for being its antipode in this respect.

So yeah, as I say all the time this is essentially about whether Trek should stick to the Roddenberryian parameters, being progressive, optimistic and so on, or not. Some people are against it and they are not incidentally also in favour of STXI and the folks who are for it usually have problems with STXI.
Let's be honest about these ideological differences in fandom.
I'll grant that BSG was authoritarian, but that was the necessity of the fleet. Yes, they had the Quorum of the Twelve to represent the people, but ultimately, the common person is undisciplined when it comes to the needs of the many, and it takes strong leadership to enforce that sometimes. We're talking about civilians who all of a sudden can't deal with the fact that they can't take a hot shower at leisure anymore...and that's the least of their worries.

The problem was that folks were trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their lives after the holocaust....kinda hard to do when resources are limited, as is personal space. Softy civilian thinking has to go out the window, and be replaced by discipline and pragmatism.

The arrangement between Adama and Roslin was that civilian situations would be handled by the civilian government: President Roslin and the Quorum. Military situations would be governed by Adama. But the rub is that the civilian situation, compared to the military situation, is miniscule. They are constantly on the run from an enemy seeking their annihilation. The civilians have to be ready to knuckle down during an attack from an enemy that could come from any direction, any time, any place. We are talking about civilians where very few of them had ever served as Colonial they lack the discipline of soldiers in battle and in survival situations.

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