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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
I'm surprised Horatio… I would have thought you had more to say on the subject.
Liking both I don't perceive them as a lame horses and a, b and d are empirical questions which, lacking evidence/data, I cannot answer. Give me credit when I do at least sometimes STFU when I don't know what I am talking about.

Seriously, I think that Wars and Trek are compared too often. IMO they do not have that much in common, one leans more towards sci-fi and one more towards space opera and Wars was inspired by Tolkien, Kurosawa and Campbell whereas Trek was inspired by Forbidden Planet (and something else?).
One problem both franchises might share is that they are basically (too?) closed. The last Wars project, Clone Wars, basically fills a fictional historical gap while the last Trek project basically revisits a certain spacial-temporal place in the fictional universe. You could argue that Trek is more open as it is not centered around one character, Vader, and as it can thus more easily play in the future or use sci-fi tricks like time travel, parallel universe and so on but I think that Wars compensates this via being "broader" in terms of space, i.e. Trek is e.g. fixated on certain aliens while Wars has an easier time inventing new aliens.
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