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She or someone like her will always be with us, spreading fear in the name of righteousness. Vigilance Mr.Word, that is the price we have to continually pay.

Satie, Leyton, Mudd. There will indeed always be those who conduct witch hunts, try to take power or cheat their brothers and sisters. Babel, Maquis. There will always be political conflict.
IMO Trek is good when it shows its audience the fragility of paradise. Beyond that is too far for my opinion. I like BSG but it plays the authoritarian card, follow the man and woman who know best, and cyberpunkish sci-fi is obviously also authoritarian, there are some big bosses in the background who pull the strings and in the foreground we got a Noir-ish story.
No, Trek can be optimistic and at the same time realistic without going that far (Obviously I have nothing against these genres of sci-fi, I merely think that Trek shouldn't go there). And to get back to your point about Cochrane, isn't it refreshing to have a sci-fi franchise in which a guy who is into booze, beer and bucks becomes the prophet of a new age? Cochrane is basically the St.Paul of Trek and the idea is clear, ordinary flawed folks and not people with grand elaborate ideas and designs in mind are the ones who change the future.
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