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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
And that is a fight that will always carry on. Hopefully, most of the time, without....God forbid within.

The utopian ideal is a nice one...don't get me wrong. But, as we've always seen, and known, the best of intentions pave the road to hell....literally or figuratively.
Sure but Trek isn't some socialist utopia where somebody who made all these changes from the top down. I am also opposed to this or any other political concept that is built upon the notion that you have to control or manipulate people because the elite knows better.
I think in Trek's fictional history it emerged spontaneously. After we nearly annihilated ourselves and realized that some pointy-eared fellows are out there and watching us we got our sh*t together. Ideological blank slate after WWIII plus the gaze of the Vulcan other (we don't wanna embarrass ourselves in front of them).
Any other problems that remained afterwards, well, perhaps I am simple-minded but most of the times good and evil are clearly distinguishable. Don't steal, don't murder, be kind, help your fellows, don't put the cat in the oven and so on.

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