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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I think the beauty of Trek is that it shows that it is possible to life together peacefully ... even with a nationalistic Russian kid, a green-blooded hobgoblin and a drunken Scotmans.
Seriously, the galaxy is a dangerous place and even the Federation harbours psychopaths and people who wanna destroy it from the inside. So I don't think that Trek has ever been unrealistic, utopian in the literal sense of portraying a non-existing place. It merely showed its heroes fighting to improve this world or maintain it when it is threatened, be it by Romulans, Borg and megalomaniac or criminal fellow officers.
The respective stories are thus fairly conventional good vs. evil stories. They do not imply that the fight is over, that evil is annihilated or whatever.
And that is a fight that will always carry on. Hopefully, most of the time, without....God forbid within.

The utopian ideal is a nice one...don't get me wrong. But, as we've always seen, and known, the best of intentions pave the road to hell....literally or figuratively.

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