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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Again my tiresome argument about underlying ideology informing one's preferences. You want the Federation to be corrupt and cynical whereas I want it to be idealistic ... so naturally we love a story in which these traits we like appear.
I want it to resemble an actual society. I don't want it to be something that never sets a foot wrong. Never makes a mistake or never gets it principles seriously challenged. Every society has idealistic views of itself and it's leaders make grand speeches about those values, ideals and principles.

And then the day to day kicks in where reality becomes a ***** and bites your ***.

And yeah that's why I like DS9 because it tried to really put Federation principles under the turn of the screw to see what happened. Yeah, that's why I like Firefly because as Joss Whedon says himself he wantes to write a show about the people '........the Enterprise would just fly past without even noticing.........' (a paraphrase from his commentary I think on the pilot episode).

It's very easy to be an advocate for the Federations Greatest ideals as the comfortable Captain of that societies flagship glistening piece of technological achievement. But that isn't the only position from which a society can be viewed.

And this isn't about being cynical. But having the Federation always come sunny side up just isn't depicting things very well. Luckily that leant itself to some great stories along the way. Insurrection just isn't one of them.
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