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We will all have different preferences of what constitutes Star Trek. I'm sure we embrace them all.

Granted, I am much more of an action adventure/space battle lover, but I still love and appreciate the ideals that episodes like City on the Edge of Forever, or Inner Light, or Far Beyond the Stars espouse.

However, we also need to remember that there is no such thing as a "True Trek Fan". One fan might appreciate the things that Gene Roddenberry had in mind, another might appreciate the directions that were taken when he lost control of Trek, one might appreciate every aspect regardless of direction. No one fan or lover of the series of shows or movies is any better than another. Fans and lovers of the show always come to this particular quarrel whenever differences raise their ugly head to this point.

For the record, Star Trek 2009 is my absolute favorite Trek film out of any that came before, especially when I used to keep TOS and TNG era films distinct because of their ideological differences in eras. Quite honestly, ST 2009 is the Trek film I waited my whole life for....hopefully STID will surpass that longing.

Honesty has been asked for.'s my honesty: I truly do not believe in the "perfection of humanity" as Roddenberry does. There's always going to be evil in the hearts of men and women. There's always going to be divisiveness based on race, creed, color, gender, what not. It has been this way for thousands of years, and to expect it all to just end in a couple of centuries?...quite honestly, felgercarb. (That's classic Galactica-ese for "bulls***".) There are always going to be terrorists because Allah says this, or God says that , or Elvis says "uhhhh-huh!". Even in the best intended of ideologies, there's always going to be that one subversive asshat who will see loophole opportunities, and manipulate and seize power for himself and his/her selected few....if only to have lackeys to push around and extend his/her power. And most of the time, left unchecked, that asshat will least, for a while. So, in that case, what are our options? Unify those who love freedom, and fight the regime that has seized power of the so-called "ideal state"? Assassination? Pretty ugly options, but likely the only ones left.

Vote him/her out of office? (Likely that particular option has been canceled out by the new regime's laws).

Yes, I am cynical. I trust very little, especially the current regime that sits in the White House. Cynicism, and questioning has kept me alive this long. (In fact, this is the oldest I have ever been.)

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