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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
There was meant to be. One of the reasons that the TNG shows that you keep citing worked was that they always made sure that there was a strong counter argument to be made against Picard's position. That was what made it so good.
Dougherty and Satie, no, Nechayev, perhaps.
"I, Borg" showed the real difference between the Borg and the Feds, that the one values the collective whereas the other values the individual above all. That's also the way our laws are designed and Picard was simply a bearer of liberal human rights ideology.
Of course you can make the arguments that it is war, that you are allowed to force somebody into his death in order to save millions of your own people and so on but I do not think that this way the actual point of the story. It was fairly blunt IMO and while I totally agree with you that it is nice when Trek gives us these ethical dilemma stories they are usually twitched into one direction. Picard is right to not kill Hugh, Sisko is right to look away when Garak does his nasty stuff, killing Tuvix or torturing that pirate is basically OK and so on.
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