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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
The issue in INS was not eminent domain, a conflict of interest inside of a society, it was plain theft, taking land and resources from another people. There is no ethical dilemma.

And once again we are at how much people care about the background of Trek, Federation principles and so on, and how this informs their preferences concerning single Trek stories.

Dougherty might have lied to the Council but it approved murder and theft. What INS failed at was that it did not delve into how the Federation became ready to do such things during the Dominion War ... and it was hardly possible to tie so deeply into DS9 in the case of a Trek movie.
There was meant to be. One of the reasons that the TNG shows that you keep citing worked was that they always made sure that there was a strong counter argument to be made against Picard's position. That was what made it so good.

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