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When it comes to ship design it's really your own poison what seems to work. I no more thought 'Star Wars' about it's design than I did the fact that the film featured an Ice Planet (perhaps a desert planet would have avoided such comparisons? Or a forest planet. There are only so many basic ingredients a planetscape can resemble and I think most have been seen before in a variety of franchises) or rapid phaser fire.

However, where key similarities may lie is in the undelying Campbell Monomyth foundations of the story which both films definitely share. That's not too bad in terms of origin stories as it provides a good template to base a script from and perhaps that's why so many SF/Fantasy stories tend to pick out the components that work. It gives a structure to the film. There may be some decoration on top but then I always liked the industrial look of parts of the likes of the Kelvin and the Enterprise. Sue me. Pristine gets dull after a fashion.

I think the question of what has been 'lost' (if anything has at this early juncture) probably settles on your opinion of the relative quality of Star Trek as a franchise pre Abrams. Suffice to say the film was a popcorn adventure. It was intended to broaden the appeal of things (lest anyone forget this was a key aspect of Paramount's plan for the sagging franchise...........they hired Abrams but making it more popular was a prime remit of anyone who got the job) after years of narrowing. It's quite true that such a 'niche' aspect of Trek may appeal to some and their view of Trek. Far be it from me to dispute that even if niche is something I've never believed the franchise sought to be. But in broadening the appeal of something you have to take steps to do so.

At the moment the success of one film doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of putting Trek back on track but at the moment they managed to make it more accessible to people than it had been for a while. Which is what Paramount wanted.
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